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We provide gateways for our guests to the hinder encounters by carefully selecting local communities with genuine resources to craft mesmerizing experiences.  

Depending on guest’s demand, our form of service will be flexibly in multiple ways for instances;


Bespoke Individual Travel

For private travelers, we arrange totally customized trips which are designed with full advantage of omotenashi for real enjoyment of our guests. Each single trip will be crafted with unique, authentic and exclusive contents dedicatedly selected through comprehensive consultation prior to departure.  Carefully picking the best suppliers for the comfortableness of guests is just the first step. Besides, an itinerary will be consist of special events for distinctive and Japanese-unique experiences of omotonashi and magogoro.

Theme Specific Specialized Programs

For guests who seek extensive knowledge and experiences, we organize specialized programs/workshops and eents focusing a specific theme among Japanese cultural items ranging from pottery, cuisine to, but not limited, traditional performing arts and seasonal festivals.  Through conscientiously crafted programs, our guests acquire deeper insight in Japanese culture and life style embedded in its theme.     


Distinctive Corporate Events

Off-sites and company retreats at venues in unconventional environment provide its participants to acquire inspiration and refreshment which are often essential to be differentiated in business places in this globalizing world. Japan with wealthy infrastructure and its uniqueness is one of ideal destinations for such corporate events. We arrange an event with unique contents which inspire participants. In case our guest seek a chance of connecting to Japanese business community and  officials for business seeds finding, a relevant opportunity can be arranged from our local network.

Concierge Service for residents

Our concierge service, dedicatedly takes care of foreign residents who seek assistance for more enjoyable life in Japan by saving their time and energy to achieve comfortable living in Japan.


No matter with its form, each itinerary and program will be individually organized and composed with selected themes designed for unique experience in Japan. Themes we offer rang from cuisine, art, craftsmanship to, but not limited, spiritual experiences.  We aim to have guests enjoy exclusive experiences of touching deep part of Japanese culture/traditions which they can't help telling about it to their friend as it's truly news to them.



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