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An Evening with the World of Noh

Date:  Friday, 21 September, 2012
Venue: Roppongi Midtown, Tokyo



Event description

Zipang Impression’s unique event provides a gateway for an audience unfamiliar with Noh to touch and feel this art form, through a distinctive party-like set-up with English narrative.

For fans of Noh, the event provides a rare opportunity to communicate with artists and listen to their back-stage talk 


what's Noh

Noh, an UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage, dates back centuries to religious ceremonies in shrines and musical performances. It developed by combining Mai (dance) with different musical influences including Zen Buddhism.  Noh pre-dates Kabuki  and has always had a more select following, such as  the Shogunate and those holding a high-rank in samurai society.

With a several hundred year old history, Noh is an intricate art  form with themes that include the supernatural where spirits and phantoms play, and the movement of the performer is indirect, subtle and metaphorical. Given the sophistication complex nature of Noh, it is one of the lesser known art forms in Japan.  It is a beautiful art form and one certainly worth exploring during a stay in Japan.

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