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We, Zipang Impressions, are the group of local inhabitants bringing own expertise in local contents with international experiences. Each of three co-founders have more than 20 years experience in extensive business fields including corporate management, social business and hosting visitors from overseas to Japan. 


Along with our network of associations in key areas of Japan and by adding a little seasoning to authentic traditional resources, we provide unique entertainment for our guests who are interested in exploration of Japan.

Our services are designed to provide those guests exceptional contents and contexts with full advantage of Omotenashi and Magokoro for memorable and personalized excursions through dedicated concierge service.


Our mission: bring the best impressions of Japan to our guests by being:

- Concierge for fully customized itinerary with best quality suppliers. 

- Service contents developer in hospitality field for enjoyment of our guests.

- Gateway opener to Japanese genuine and exclusive experiences for our guests.  

and in summery,  

- Connoisseurs and Craft men to translate authentic cultural resources in Japan into contents with consideration of contexts entertaining our guests. Without ruining its genuine essential quality, we turn untouched gemstone all around in Japan into the jewel decorating your explorations of Japan.


We commit to make very best effort for guests to be a fan of Japan by offering once-of-a-kind experience in Japan.


 For more detail about us, please see our brochure