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Japan To Explore


Even in our increasingly homogenised world, discovering and exploring truly different cultures remains one of life’s great pleasures.

And so it is with Japan, used to be once called Zipang, which has developed its unique culture and traditions over a long history that includes 200 years of self-imposed isolation during the Edo period. Shaped by a rugged and mountainous terrain and strongly influenced by its seasons, Japan has evolved its own very distinct cuisine, literature, etiquette, religion and, above all, hospitality.

While many have been lured to the Japanese archipelago, attracted by this rich culture, say, in the past art world, the master Impressionists such as Monet, Gogh looked it with passion in Japonism movement in 19th century, only a few have discovered the essence of the real and often hidden Japan.


Omotenashi with Magokoro– genuine Japanese hospitality


Even without the barriers posed by language and customs, certain parts of Japanese society remain closed to outsiders as unwritten rules limit the enjoyment of genuine omotenashi to insiders. Usually translated as ‘hospitality’, omotenashi means more than simply being welcoming to guests as it incorporates the subtle devotion to detail with magokoro,, our whole heart, which makes a lasting impression on those who experience it. While such exclusivity has helped nourish and maintain these authentic Japanese traditions, the barriers to outsiders are gradually being removed so that first-time guests may now experience true omotenashi.

We, Zipang Impressions, are here to be guides for our guests in their Japan exploration by opening up intrinsic value behind realism like master impressionists did.